The effectiveness of steam mop from O-Cedar

The effectiveness of steam mop from O-Cedar

Compared to a conventional bucket and mop, a steam mop easily sanitizes a hard surface floor. There is not a heavy bucket that you have to drag around. Additionally, there is not a drippy mop that you have to wring out and so, it keeps your hands germ free and clean. Apart from removing grime and dirt, steam mop cleaner disinfects the floor without using chemicals. The machine has a small water tank, which holds 750 ml of water. When you plug in, the water gets heated and starts to give hot mist. There is a microfiber pad that is placed below the jet and the vapor catches the grime and dirt when it is started.

In many models such as O-Cedar, the dirt gets into the pad and it does not get drenched quickly. Additionally, these mops are able to restore the shine of the surface by cleaning the residue. Steam mop cleaners kill almost 99 percent of household dust particles and germs with focused and strong heat. Most stains disappear when the mop that uses a natural warm mist is applied on the hard surfaces. A floor cleaner which uses the natural elements is designed to wash a bare floor. But, when you use this kind of mop on un-waxed and waxed areas then it diminishes the shine.

Using a steamed floor cleaner

Simple vacuuming or sweeping on an area prior to running a steam floor cleaner shall prepare the spot, which requires to be cleaned. When you pass it on a surface, press the trigger and release the mist. To sanitize a particular area, you have to leave the cleaner for 15 seconds but not longer than 20 seconds. If the mop stops giving out hot vapor, then you must refill the water tank after you unplug the machine.

No additional equipment

When you have a steam floor cleaner from O-Cedar, the basic tap water cleans the dirtiest surface with very little effort. You do not need chemical solutions. For a cleaning pad, you may use old t-shirts or cloth towels. This saves you a lot of money and prevents all kinds of unnecessary waste of purchasing disposable cleaning pads regularly. Apart from cleaning a hard surface floor, it can work as a steamer for furniture, mattresses, clothes, and more. You can convert the steam mop into a handheld steamer;and you can remove wrinkles easily from the entire wardrobe. Again, it washes mirrors and windows within a few minutes.

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