Five Benefits to Installing Retractable Roofing Systems

Five Benefits to Installing Retractable Roofing Systems

Many restaurant and pub owners are always looking to maximise their space and one way to do so is to make full use of their patios. However, an uncovered patio in the summer or in inclement weather will see little use. By covering a patio with a retractable roof, a business owner can get more use from it and take advantage of these benefits.


A retractable roof is very versatile in that it can cover the patio during the day to provide shade or to keep customers from getting wet when it rains. At night, the system can be retracted to allow customers to listen to music or dine beneath the stars on a pleasant evening. Its versatility can keep the patio busy so that you make more money from utilising the space.

Easy to Use

A retractable roofing system can be operated with a touch of a button to cover the patio before it gets hot outside during the summer months. During the rainy season, you can also use it to keep customers from getting wet during light showers. With the addition of sensors, you won’t need to keep an eye on the weather to extract it as it can sense the sun or rain and cover the patio automatically.

Optional Lighting System

Retractable roof systems in Melbourne can be customised with LED lights to allow people to dine or have drinks on the patio when the sun goes down. The lighting is attached to the crossbars of the system so when it retracts, the lights move with it. You won’t need to close the patio at night since there will be lights that permit you to serve customers and allow them to see to eat their food and talk with their dining companions.


Most retractable roofs are made from aluminium with stainless steel fixtures so they are not only lightweight but extremely durable as well. Also, most of the fabrics are made from PVC so they are waterproof and durable as well. In fact, most systems are available with a five-year warranty so if anything goes wrong, it will be repaired.

Available for Residential Use

Along with these benefits for a business, a retractable roof system can be installed for home use as well. It can be placed over a pergola or patio to provide shade during the summer or to create an entertainment area when you’re having family or friends over for dinner and cocktails.

A retractable roofing system has many benefits for both business and residential use, including providing a cool place to eat, drink, and entertain on hot summer days and nights. The systems are available in a wide variety of colours as well.

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