Different kinds of Vegetable Peelers & Their Uses

Different kinds of Vegetable Peelers & Their Uses

There are different kinds of vegetable peelers you can easily find in the market these days and it is essential for you to know which is best for you according to your several needs. It is also important for you to know that want to look for in a quality peeler so that you can easily buy one best among large range of quality peelers.

The types of vegetable peelers and their uses:

If you want to make the right choice then it is beneficial for you to know which peeler can do what job and beneficial on the vegetable and fruit. You can check the review list here. Here are some types of vegetable peelers that can make your research better and provide you lots of benefits:

Swivel peeler

The swivel peeler has a long and sharp blade that can help to swivels side to side of the vegetable. Whether you are left handed or right handed, it is easy to use these peelers because the blade swivel from side to side that makes easy for a left-handed person to use the peeler. These peelers usually come with a built-in potato eyer at the top.

Y peeler

The name of this peeler is based on its Y shaped handle. It is very easy to use Y peelers but they can take some getting used to if you have not to use the peeler before. Some of the peelers come with built-in potato eye remover.

The serrated peeler

The serrated blade peelers usually come in either swivel shaped peelers or Y shaped peelers with a sharp serrated edge. The blade of this peeler is generally designed to cut through the waxy and slippery fruits with great ease and comfort.

The julienne peeler

With the Julienne peeler, you can get fine strands of the vegetable and fruit when it cuts. These peelers are generally popular amongst diets. These peelers are also ideal for people who are diabetic and use vegetable instead of rice. If you want your vegetables look great then it is beneficial for you to invest in this peeler.

Traditional Lancashire peeler

The traditional Lancashire peeler has a sharp fixed blade that seems perfect for peeling, vegetables, fruits and potatoes. It is great for thinner skinned vegetables and fruits. It is very easy and safe to use this peeler as it has a fixed blade that extend from the handle and it gives you full control while peeling vegetable. While these peelers look ideal for only right-handed people.

Speed peeler

It becomes fast to peel with the speed peeler and it is also very easy to use. Most of the speed peelers are made of stainless steel and they are made to use with different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

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