Are you visiting London First Time? Read our 10 Tips to Save time and Money

Are you visiting London First Time? Read our 10 Tips to Save time and Money

Are you planning to visit London for the first time? Well this article will help you save a lot of money, time and reduce the overall stress you will be exposed to on your journey. Your vacation or tour ought to be enjoyed to the fullest and that is why this article will take you through some useful tips that will save you money and save your time.

  1. Walking tour

 Always remember that your God given feet does the job better in London. It will cost you £4.50 to get to Embankment from Charing Cross on a tube but with your feet, you can get it done for £00.00. You will be surprised at how small the centre of London is when you start walking the tour. The walk will give you a better view of the city and it will be fun. You can even feel the vibes of the city the more by touring on your God given feet from the streets of theatre land through convent garden over to a Thame’s bridge down to the south bank. A walk from National gallery and Trafalgar square down Whitehall to Westminster and the house of parliament will also be a graceful place to tour on foot. You will grace several street performers, hidden and open parks and lots of much fun. Remember, you are saving money and at the same time enjoying your time to the fullest. There are several walking tour groups in London that you can also join. To see more tourist attraction sites you can tour click on the London Tourist attractions map

  1. Find special offers in advance.

When you book ahead in London, you enjoy great discounts and even free deals sometimes. Bus and train fares have a great discount attached to booking in advance online before you need to use them in London. If you want to visit the London eye, it is best you book in advance as it is cheaper. When booking online, watch out for two-for-one entry deals to Tower of London, Madame Tussauds and even the Zoo.

  1. Use bathrooms when they’re free.

In London, public bathrooms are not so many. Most public restrooms have been turned private and the few public bathrooms left now charge up to 50 pence per use. If one is not careful, one might end up spending a fortune just using restrooms here and there, As a first time tourist, your best bet is to make do with bathrooms at tourist attraction sites (where you have paid a gate fee to gain access already), restaurants, bars and even pubs.

  1. Avoid Holiday seasons

London is one of the most visited cities in the world and as such, it is always busy but notwithstanding, the city is far more busy during holiday season. The month of July and August, students and children are off school and even the European bank is on holiday. The city will be filled up with tourists at these peak times. Christmas and Easter time is another time you want to avoid. When you have lots of people in the city, you will get stressed out and you will not enjoy your vacation to the fullest. The cost of everything also skyrockets at these periods. So if you have a flexible timing, it is best you avoid these times. To learn more about London city and the best times to visit, checkout all about London city here

  1. Use hop-on hop-off buses

The hop-on and hop-off  buses are a great way to feel the vibe of London city. The buses are specifically made for tourism and as such give tourists the opportunity to see as much of the city as they can. The use of river cruise is also a great way to feel the London splendor. The Hop-on hop-off buses in London usually have a free Thames river cruise and a free walking tour attached to them as well, so it is by far the best for tourists.

Hop-on hop-off buses also offer English guides with translation available in several languages including Chinese (Mandarin), Portuguese (Brazilian) & Russian, French, German, Spanish, Italian. They tour all the major landmarks in London including the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square. The routes of these buses  include 23 different stops from Central London covering the Coca-Cola London Eye, Covent garden, Trafalgar square, Tower of London spending about 2hours 30 minutes then moving to the West of the city  touching the leafy streets of Kensington, Museum quarter, Bays water and Baker street, Madame Tussauds and a host of other great attractions. They move on to North London and then back to Central London with lots of great attractions.

To find the best London bus tour that suites you, click here for London bus tours comparison

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