5 Reasons Why a Metal Roof Makes Sense

5 Reasons Why a Metal Roof Makes Sense

One of the biggest decisions when building a home is the materials to use, and with roofing, there are, of course, options. Traditional timber and roof shingle has gradually given way to composites, and with stunning aluminium or steel creations, one can literally transform any home. If you live in a harsh climate zone, such as Western Australia, steel is the ideal roofing material, and with modern treatments, your roof is guaranteed to handle anything the elements can conjure up. If you are about to build your dream home, or are contemplating re-roofing your property, here are a few of the reasons why steel is the obvious choice.

  1. Durability – There is no other component of the structure that has to endure the elements like the roof. All weather extremes, including continual strong sunlight and gale force winds are withstood by commercial grade steel, and by using the traditional Australian corrugated design, and shape can easily be created. Should you agree and settle for a steel roof, there is affordable metal roofing materials in Melbourne, and with their expertise and many years of hands-on experience, they can help with roof design and profile.
  2. Styleand Character – Steel was once associated with sheer strength, yet modern rolling methods allow for a workable sheet that looks stunning. The range of more than twenty colours ensures that your home is well-complemented, and with a vast list of roofing profiles, you can really make a statement.
  3. Affordability – With the many benefits steel has, one might expect a steel roof to be costly in comparison to the traditional timber and roof tile system, yet the opposite is true. A bespoke steel roof will not only be affordable, it will protect your home longer than any other material.
  4. Wise Investment – When you consider that your home is likely the biggest single investment you make, the roof is a critical part of the structure, and if it is compromised at any time, serious damage could occur, and for that reason alone, steel is the wisest investment, as it guarantees protection and comes in stylish forms.
  5. Tailored Profile – Starting from scratch enables you to have virtually any roofing profile, and the best way to select a profile is to ask the roofing supplier. They have many years of design experience, and can suggest several options that would work. The position of the sun has an effect of the roof profile and certain shapes will give you maximum shading, which maximises the benefits.

Online solutions allow you to browse local roofing suppliers’ websites, where you can look at colour and design options, and once you have made contact, they would happily send a representative to your home to discuss your roofing options. Ideally, you want a company that has extensive experience in both commercial and domestic metal roofing, and with their considerable resources, you can be sure of a job well done.

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